Nicholas Eckhardt


Eckhardt takes photographs. These photos fuse together documentary, portraiture, and family snaps. He takes these pictures with sardonic wit: sitting somewhere between sympathy, absurdity and a detached quip at the subject.

These two photographs speak of their subjects. Eckhardt creates a portrait of a person through the incidental capturing of a candid moment. The person is both unperturbed and satisfied.

As far as we can see, these images riff off capturing unsettling and transcendental gems in the everyday. But, Nick’s dry wit is arguably also exposing the shiny gemstones in the sublime as shitty rocks. Nick levels his subjects, indexes, and helps us cut through the mist of boring art questions like “is this beautiful?” or “is this meaningful?” and has a laugh with all of us.

by Spencer Harvie and Lilly Heenan