Alrey Batol


My practice embodies a critique of complacence in our trained notions, predispositions and ubiquity in our way of living. This usually involves varied attempts to subjugate our reliance on abstract systems such as time-keeping, cartography, virtual reality, telepresence, among others.

The Ubiquitous Object
Clock Radio Series is an ongoing output by artist Alrey Batol which takes as its subject that upstanding exemplary of ubiquitous objects; the clock radio. As concise as the title may seem, there is a mystery at play within this work that implies more profound concepts such as time, ubiquity, language and technology. Here the clock radio is represented in three different ways; the first one looks to be a standard shape and model until the realisation that the time display is sped up exponentially. The second in the middle is a more older antique model which is dusty and made to look like a gaming console with the artist adding extra buttons. The third and last on the left is an upright digital clock radio which tells the time in a numerical language other than our own. These are clever and curious pieces that in some way expose how we relate to objects of ubiquity. In most cases our relationship to these objects of timekeeping and daily scheduled ‘wake-up’ alarms is one of mutual exploitation. We are both in command and in submissive reliance of these objects that are nothing more than fabricated manifestations to help regulate things such as time and reality, which we can never really fully grasp.

by Jess Launder